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Transforming Your Self-Care Game: 5 Tips for Using Ignite Your Peace Candles to Unwind and Relax

At Ignite Your Peace, candles aren't just a luxury item that we light during special events. Candles are a means to ignite your own inner peace with small, feel-good everyday routines. All of our candles are created to strengthen your inner light and confidence. So during your next self-care ritual, consider adding an Ignite Your Peace Candle and see how your inner and outer environments shift for the better. 


Below you'll find five of our favorite ways to use candles that will hopefully spark some inspiration for your own self-care routines. 


Light During Meditation


Candles have been used during meditation practices for thousands of years and are often used in candle gazing meditations as a focal point to improve concentration. But candles can also be used to create a serene space for any meditation practice. 


If your self-care routine includes meditation, consider lighting a candle that aligns with your intentions. For example, if you are using meditation for breath work and relaxation, lighting our Breathe Queen, Breathe Candle scented with calming eucalyptus, mint, sage, and lavender can deepen your breath and enhance the meditative experience.


Cozy Up with a Book and Candle


Sometimes the best self-care routine is the simple one. Taking time out of your day to nestle up with your favorite book can not only relieve stress, but it can be a fun, informative, and immersive experience. Next time you're reading your favorite book, make your space even cozier and inviting by lighting a candle. The warm, flickering glow and subtle scent will give you "I could do this all day" vibes. 


Surround Your Bath in Golden Light


Whether you're taking a bath in the day or at night, lighting a candle (or several) and surrounding your bath in warm, golden light is the ideal way to enhance this self-care ritual. Lighting candles for your bath immerses and grounds you in this self-care ritual, reminding you that it's okay to take time for yourself away from all distractions. 


For our self-care baths, we love to choose a scent from our Ignite Collection that feels aligned with our current goals. Whether you are looking for more peace, balance, courage, or joy—we've got a candle for that!


Enhance Your Journaling Session


Journaling is one of those self-care routines that can be done daily. But you can make this everyday routine something special to look forward to by incorporating a candle. Each time you sit down to journal, light your candle to start your session and set your intention. 


To enhance your journaling session even more, you can match your candle with your affirmation of the day. For example, you can bring more self-love into your daily journaling sessions by lighting Love Thy Self. For an abundance journaling session, light Affirm Abundance and feel your manifestations beginning to take place.


Light a Candle as You Cook 


So often, we rush through life and forget to slow down and appreciate the abundance before us, like a good meal. Next time you're winding down to cook dinner (or any meal for that matter), light a candle and create a pleasurable experience out of a daily self-care routine. One of our favorites for meal time is Glass Half Full; its earthy, woody unisex scent reminds us of all our good fortunes and possibilities we have yet to experience. Plus, the scent perfectly transitions from kitchen countertop while cooking to dining table while enjoying your meal, so it's a win-win! 



We'd love to see how you incorporate Ignite Your Peace Candles into your self-care routines! Share with us your moments of peace by tagging us on Instagram @igniteyourpeace


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So happy I can across this blog. So informative and transformative. Looking forward to more blogs like this one. Taking Notes! 💌 @Knotbraids, @Royalty_AIO

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