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The Healing Power of Breath: Benefits for Mind, Body, and Soul 

Breath is essential to life. It comes so naturally to us that we don't even realize we're doing it most of the time. But as the health and wellness space expands its reach, breathing is making its way to the forefront as a secret power we all can tap into. 


Breathwork is the active form of consciously working your breath or changing your breathing pattern. Breathwork can be any type of breathing exercise or technique that benefits your mental, physical, or spiritual well-being. Breathwork can promote deep relaxation, ecstatic energy, and everything in-between—all depending on the technique and intention!


People practice the healing power of breathwork for a variety of reasons. It has been shown to increase joy and happiness, release negative thoughts, lower stress and anxiety levels, boost confidence and self-esteem, aid in positive self-development, and so much more. 


In this blog post, we'll dive deeper into how breathwork can benefit your mind, body, and soul. Plus, read all the way through to find a simple breathing exercise that anyone can benefit from.




Breathwork is known for calming the mind and taming the inner voice that's often feeding us information that's not true. Breathwork can help bring up old thoughts and emotions that are no longer serving you. Like meditation, you can notice the thoughts in your head and release your attachment from them. Breathwork can also provide you with the clarity and peace you need to tap into your inner knowledge and power.




Breathwork is a physical act of breathing in and breathing out. But it can have some tangible effects on our body too. Our parasympathetic system, which controls our rest, relaxation, and digestive processes, has been shown to benefit significantly from breathwork exercises. Something as simple as exhaling longer than you inhale has been shown to lower blood pressure and cortisol levels, avoiding the "fight-or-flight" response and, instead, encouraging our body to rest and reset. 




Practicing breathwork can be deeply spiritual. It can help connect you to your core self, away from the rambling thoughts of your mind and the ego. Breathwork also allows you to tap into the energy of the universe, feeling connected and grounded in the world. 


Practicing a Simple Breathwork Exercise

To begin, find a quiet, comfortable place in your home to sit or lie down. To create a calming atmosphere, you can light our Breathe Queen soy candle, filling the space with lavender and eucalyptus to enhance any breathing exercise or meditation. You can also play some soft, rhythmic music and dim the lights to create your perfect space of relaxation and tranquility.


After you've settled, begin by taking a normal breath. Then a deep breath: breathing in slowly through your nose, allowing your chest and lower belly to rise and fill your lungs with air. Slowly exhale through your mouth. Repeat as many times as needed to promote calm and relaxation. 


If you want to enhance this simple breathwork practice, you can blend breathwork with specific visualization imagery, mantras, or feelings such as peace, love, or gratitude.





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